CASE STUDY: What does the genocide mean nowadays in Rwanda?

MINOR DEVELOPMENT STUDIES – In Rwanda, both Hutu and Tutsi people live next to each other, speaking the same language, having the same culture. Two ethnic groups which lived together for centuries, but not always in peace. What is the difference between them? Hutu’s are square-jawed, a bit shorter and traditionally crop-growers. Tutsi’s are a bit taller, paler-skinned and usually herdsmen out of history. The last were supposed to have immigrated from northern countries, like Ethiopia. Many clashes between the two ethnic groups took place in the twentieth century, of which the genocide of 1994 was one of the most horrific in modern times. What did this mean to nowadays Rwanda? For the minor Global Development Issues, I wrote a case analysis about the history of Rwanda, the causes and the aftermath of the genocide.

Read it here:  Case Analysis Rwanda

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